2014-2015 Membership Info

 Dues are required to be paid no later than January 15 of the current curling season.  If not paid in full by the due date, all games played by that member’s team(s) will be forfeited.

A regular membership gives full access to all facilities and activities of the club as well as voting privileges at membership meetings.  Only regular members can serve as directors and officers.  Dues include beer and soda while playing in league.

Returning Member One night                           $ 215 (Includes Raffle Ticket)
Returning Member Two or more nights             $ 250 (Includes Raffle Ticket)
New Member - One night                                $ 120
New Member -  Two or more nights nights        $ 165

 SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP:            $25
Social members have access to the clubhouse.  They have NO curling or voting privileges.


High School                              $75
College Student                        $ 100

This low-cost membership is for full-time students aged 23 or younger as of January 1 of the current curling season.  They may participate in adult leagues and may curl in bonspiels if approved by the bonspiel chairperson.  Membership includes soda and beer (21+ only) playing in league.  This membership has no voting privileges.

No voting privileges.

YOUTH CURLING MEMBERSHIP (Sunday, 8-weeks):   $25
Not a member of the curling club with no voting privileges.